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As empty as a cacao pod after a long harvest day.

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Two of each flavor - for those who want to try them all. The first soda powered by the natural goodness of cacao fruit - a great way to elevate your day.

6 Pack of 8oz Cans $17.99

Our natural, better-for-you sodas have been crafted with pure Ecuadorian cacao fruit juice and sparkling water to provide amazing taste with real benefits.

Better Energy

Powered by Theobromine, caffeine’s kinder cousin


Vitamins B1 & B3, for the benefit of your body

Digestive health

A source of prebiotics for the benefit of your gut


Upcycled cacao fruit juice for the benefit of the planet

What's inside?

We prefer it simple and 100% natural without any bad stuff whatsoever. Pure cacao fruit energy.

Sparkling water
Reduced cacao fruit juice

• Sparkling water
• Reduced cacao fruit juice
• Organic peppermint
• Organic spearmint

• Sparkling water
• Reduced cacao fruit juice
• Organic bourbon vanilla
• Organic ginger
• Organic cassia
• Organic clove

Gluten Free
Plant Based
GMO Free
No Added Sugar

Nutritional Facts

Servings: 1, Serving Size: 1 Can

Amount per Serving % of Daily Value
Calories 75 NA
Carbs 18g 6%
Fiber 2g 9%
Sugars 15g NA
Added sugars 0g NA
Protein 0g NA
Calcium 2%
Potas. 8%
Vit. B1 6%
Vit. B3 8%
Magnesium 7%

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