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About the drink

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are a type of fiber that serve as food for probiotics, the friendly microorganisms that live in your gut. We're like a gourmet meal for your gut!

Drinking Xoca gives your body the prebiotics it needs to keep your gut happy and your immune system strong.

How does Xoca produce its Cacaofruit Soda?

We gently reduce the cacaofruit juice and mix it with sparkling spring water and natural cherry and ginger.

Where does Xoca source its cacaofruit from?

Xoca sources its cacaofruit from a group of small family farms in Ecuador, which is where two of Xoca’s co-founders live and actively cultivate cacao trees. The cacao farmers we work with did not previously have a market for cacao fruit pulp, they only sold the seeds for chocolate. Now they have two revenue streams instead of only one. We call that a win-win.

What are the benefits of Xoca’s Cacaofruit Soda?

First of all, Xoca is rich with gut healthy organic acids and fiber, so our sodas supports a strong immune system.

Xoca also contains essential vitamins and minerals, including B1 & B3, the building blocks of a healthy body.

Xoca contains theobromine, a powerful antioxidant and a natural stimulant similar to caffeine but without the side-effects. 

What is Theobromine?

Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda contains theobromine, a naturally-occurring stimulant found in both chocolate and cacao fruit juice. Theobromine is in the same chemical family as caffeine, and like caffeine it gives you energy and improves cognitive function. But it has a different effect compared to caffeine. Generally speaking, caffeine produces a quick spike, sometimes with jitters, followed by a crash. Theobromine is a more stable ride—its effects remain fairly consistent for a long period and then gradually taper off. It also doesn’t disrupt sleep the way caffeine can. In other words, it’s a more user-friendly way to boost productivity and mood. It has also been shown to lower blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and improve cholesterol levels.

Where can I buy Xoca Cacaofruit Soda?

Watch this space! We will be updating the list of retail locations where you can buy Xoca soon.

About the company

Who are the people behind Xoca?

Xoca is the brainchild of a small group of cacao enthusiasts with extremely different backgrounds — a rainforest conservationist, a design wizard, and an actual rocket scientist.

Our story begins in the backwoods of Ecuador, where Jerry (the rainforest conservationist) became obsessed with cacao farming. In the capital city of Quito he met Carl (the design wizard). The two of them created a pioneering Ecuadorian dark chocolate company called To’ak. Together with Servio, a fourth generation cacao farmer, they started to experiment with innovative ways to use the fruit of the cacao tree. 
One day Jerry, Jacob (the rocket scientist), Riley (a gifted chef), and their friend Ken (a natural-born creative) were tasting something new from To’ak’s farm in Ecuador – something they were calling Cacao Fruit Honey. This “honey” was made from upcycled cacao fruit juice and it’s incredibly delicious and nutritious. When Riley tried it he was inspired to mix the honey with sparkling water and our Cacao Fruit Soda was born. We all agreed that this was something we needed to bring to the rest of the world.
Since that day, our Xoca family has grown to include Dennise, James and Anny. Together we are bound by a commitment to pure and simple foods that honor land, people, and the creative process...with an unapologetic bias toward all things cacao.

Where is Xoca based?

Xoca operates at a farm level in Ecuador and in the urban heart of Chicago. We are of two cultures and one mind.

What does “Xoca” mean?

Xoca (pronounced show-ka) has its roots in the ancient languages of South America, from a word which means ‘waters from paradise’. For us, Xoca symbolizes the natural wonder that is the cacao fruit — one of nature’s most powerful gifts to the world.

What’s our purpose?

To create new and sustainable ways for people to enjoy the natural goodness of the cacao fruit.

Enjoying Xoca

How is Xoca meant to be consumed?

The simplest and most straightforward way to consume Xoca is to drink it on its own. It tastes best when cold, so enjoy it well chilled or poured over ice.

However, if you are so inclined, Xoca also happens to be an excellent mixer.

Should I mix Xoca with spirits/alcohol?

Absolutely! In fact, Xoca pairs well with just about any spirit, but it is an especially good choice for those looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional Rum & Coke and Red Bull Vodka.

Xoca also makes for amazing cocktails. If you strike upon a good one, please shoot us a note and let us know what you’ve come up with. And feel free to give it a quirky name.